Current members

Carlos Doebeli

PhD Student (Imperial)

Control and Optimal Transport

Matías Gómez

PhD Student (Imperial)

Numerical Methods for Mean Field Games

Yuyang (Amber) Huang

PhD Student (Imperial, co-supervised with Nikolas Kantas)

Global Optimization and Control

Luca Marino

PhD Student (Imperial)

Data-driven Methods for HJB PDEs

Frederik Kelbel

PhD Student (Imperial, main supervisor: Alessandra Russo)

Machine Learning for Set Optimization

Hamd Alsobhi

PhD Student (Nottingham,co-supervised with Kris van der Zee)

Regularized Least Squares FEM

Sattam Alrashidy

PhD Student (Nottingham, co-supervised with Kris van der Zee and Anna Kalogirou )

PDE-constrained Optimization for Thin Film Flows

Josefa Stoisser

MMath (ETH)

Trajectory Planning with HJB

Jorge Catarecha Otero Saavedra

Applied Math MSc (Imperial)

Deep Learning for Trajectory Planning

Sandra Lefdal

Applied Math MSc (Imperial)

Data-driven Discovery of Interaction Potentials

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