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Carlos Doebeli

PhD Student (Imperial)

Control and Optimal Transport

Matías Gómez

PhD Student (Imperial)

Numerical Methods for Mean Field Games

Yuyang (Amber) Huang

PhD Student (Imperial, co-supervised with Nikolas Kantas)

Global Optimization and Control

Luca Marino

PhD Student (Imperial)

Data-driven Methods for HJB PDEs

Frederik Kelbel

PhD Student (Imperial, main supervisor: Alessandra Russo)

Machine Learning for Set Optimization

Hamd Alsobhi

PhD Student (Nottingham,co-supervised with Kris van der Zee)

Regularized Least Squares FEM

Sattam Alrashidy

PhD Student (Nottingham, co-supervised with Kris van der Zee and Anna Kalogirou )

PDE-constrained Optimization for Thin Film Flows

Sandra Lefdal

Applied Math MSc (Imperial)

Data-driven Discovery of Interaction Potentials

Tom L Kasprzak

Applied Math MSc (Imperial)


Supreme Overlord

Science of Sleep

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