Dante Kalise

Reader in Computational Optimisation and Control

Applied Mathematics MSc Course Director

Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London

Control, Optimization, and Scientific Computation:

My research revolves around scientific computation methods for optimization and control, nonlinear PDEs, high-dimensional approximation and agent-based models across scales.  Some relevant keywords below.

Foundations: Dynamic optimization with ODE/PDE constraints; large-scale and sparse optimization; mathematical control theory; high-dimensional approximation; numerical methods for Hamilton-Jacobi PDEs and dynamic programming; optimal transport, mean-field control/games.

Applications. Scientific Machine Learning: data-driven control design in trajectory optimization, epidemiology, and large-scale dynamics. Agent-based models: nonlocal PDES, collective behaviour, consensus control. Nonlinear control design: power electronics, swarm robotics, reinforcement learning. Control of PDEs: fluid flow and vibration control, optimal actuator design.

Please have a look at Research , Publications and CV for more details. I'm always happy to discuss about any of these topics for projects and supervision, so please feel free to get in touch!

Short Bio

I'm Reader in Computational Optimisation and Control at Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London. Prior joining Imperial in 2021, my criminal record includes: Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics, University of Nottingham (2019-2021), Imperial College Research Fellow (Maths, 2017-2019), Research Scientist (Optimization and Control Group, 2013-2017), RICAM Linz, Austrian Academy of Sciences, and Postdoctoral Researcher (Maths, EU ITN-SADCO, 2011-2013), Sapienza University of Rome.

I'm originally from Chile and grew up in front of the Pacific, in Viña del Mar. I received a B.Sc. in Mathematical Engineering and a M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from the Federico Santa María Technical University in Valparaíso. In 2008 I moved to Norway, where I got a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2012 from the University of Bergen (with some periods away from the rain in Oslo and Trento).


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